Refind Object

This step has been deprecated, as it can't be used with the new storage mechanism, described in Storing data in databases

This action attempts to refind an object in storage, e.g. a database. If the object can be refound, then execution along the current branch will stop. Otherwise, extraction will continue past the step containing the Refind Object action. As a result, the Refind Object action is a means to minimize robot execution time.


The Refind Object action can be configured using the following properties:

The object which is affected can be selected by choosing one from the Object drop-down box. The objects available in the drop-down box are the configured output objects.
Attributes to use for Refinding:
This box is a list of object attributes that will uniquely identify the object in the storage. The Refind Object action will try to find an object in storage that matches with what you have found so far at this point in the robot execution. If such an object exists, there is little point in continuing, as the rest of the fields are probably also correct in storage.

You should try to select as few object attributes as possible, while still maintaining global uniqueness during the entire lifetime of the object.

You should not include object attributes which either are not present in all of the objects or which could change during the lifetime of the object.