Rename File

This action renames a file or a directory on the local file system where the robot is executed.

Note that the action is only performed during execution in Design mode in Design Studio, if the option Execute in Design Mode has been selected.


The Rename File action can be configured using the following properties:

File or Directory:
This is the the system path or a file URL for the file or directory to be renamed. This can be specified in several ways using a Value Selector. The path must be absolute, including the drive name, if any, and the directory path to the directory. Alternative it can be a file URL, e.g. file:/C:/temp/oldFile.txt, in which case it must be URL encoded. The separators / and \ may be used interchangeably.
New Name:
The is the new name of the file or directory. This is actually a relative path so it can be used to move files to a different location by specifying a new name that contains a directory structure, such as ../SomeOtherFolder/newText.txt
Execute in Design Mode:
If this is enabled, the action will be executed even in Design Mode inside Design Studio. If this is disabled, the action will do nothing when you navigate the robot in Design Mode.