This step action replace the entire found part of a JSON value with a new JSON value. The new value must be a valid JSON value, e.g. an object { "answer" : 42 } or a quoted string "Life, the Universe and Everything".

The step action only works on JSON variables.


The Set JSON action can be configured using the following properties:

New Content:

The new JSON value.

The value can be specified in several ways using an extended version of the Value Selector. This value selector contains the usual 4 ways to specify the value and an extra very useful selector: Generate From Variable. This selector automatically generates JSON from a variable of complex type. E.g. if you have a variable with a type that has two attributes: name and age and the values of these are "Joe" and 23 then the generated JSON could look like: { "name" : "Joe", "age" : 23 }.