Snippet Step

The Snippet step is used to insert a Snippet into a robot. A snippet is a sub-part of a robot that may be reused several times either in one robot or across robots. Snippets consists of two parts: a number of connected steps and a set of variables. When a snippet is inserted into a robot via a Snippet step the steps of the snippet is inserted at its location and the variables of the snippet is added to the variables of the robot.

Snippet steps are similar to Group steps. Just as Group steps Snippet steps contain an expand/collapse icon (+/-) located at the top left corner. Clicking on this will expand/collapse the snippet step and like group steps the inserted steps must be such that they have one entry point and one exit point. But unlike group steps, if the steps inside a Snippet step are modified then the corresponding snippet is changed and all other Snippet steps referring to the snippet will change their contained steps.


The Snippet step is configured using the following properties:

Step Name:
This is an optional name for the step. If you enter value for this then this is what is shown in the Robot View below the step. If no step name is provided then the snippet's name is shown instead. When this is the case the name is shown underlined.
Step Comment:
This is a comment describing the snippet step. This is not a comment describing the snippet itself, which should be edited directly on the snippet when this is open in an editor.
This is the name of the snippet. This refers to a snippet of that name inside the same project as the robot containing the Snippet step. By selecting a different name from the choice box then a new snippet is inserted at the snippet step's location. If the snippet has a comment then this is shown under the choice box.


Following is a video giving an introduction to Snippets explaining how to use Snippets to share steps among robots.