Store In Database

This step provides the opportunity to store a variable in a database. The database connection must be configured in Settings

Please read the section on Storing Data in Databases before using this step in a robot.


Store in Database can be configured using the following properties:

Controls which database the variable will be stored in. A value can either be selected or hard coded at design time, or the database name can be dynamically constructed at runtime using a variable, an expression or converters - An error will occur if no database with this name exists when the robot is executed.
Select the variable to store. This must be a regular variable and not a simple type variable.
The unique key for the variable which is stored. The key may be defined in the type (by marking variables as "Part of Database Key"), or defined using a variable, an expression or converters.
If a value with the given key already exists, this step will override (SQL Update) the existing record; if no value with this key exists, a new record will be inserted.
Execute in Design Mode:
If this is enabled, the step will be executed even in Design Mode inside Design Studio. If this is disabled, the step will do nothing when you navigate the robot in Design Mode.