Test Tag

The Test Tag action makes a test to determine whether execution should be allowed to continue down the current branch or if something else should be done. The test consists of matching the found tag against a pattern.

Using a Test Tag action is the most common way of getting conditional execution in a robot.


The Test Tag action can be configured using the following properties:

The pattern to match against the found tag. The pattern must match the entire found tag.
Match Against:
Specifies what the pattern should be matched against from the found tag.
Ignore Case:
If checked, the pattern matching will be case insensitive.
Specifies the exact condition to test for, either that the "Pattern Matches Found Tag" or that the "Pattern Does Not Match Found Tag". If this condition is satisfied, execution will be affected as indicated by the Do property; if the condition is not satisfied, execution will continue down the current branch.
Determines what happens when the tag, the pattern and the If property together indicate that execution should not continue down the current branch.
"As Specified Under Error Handling":
The Error Handling tab specifies in detail what to do.
"Skip Following Steps":
Execution down the current branch will stop.
These data converters (if any are selected) are applied to the text or HTML of the found tag before the pattern matching. If the data converters fail to produce any output, an error will be generated.