Variable Validation Errors

If types are changed or renamed/deleted, some validation errors may occur on variables using these types. This section explains how to deal with these errors.

If a type used by a variable is missing, a validation error informing that the type could not be found is shown. This can be resolved either by creating a type with the name of the missing type, or by opening the Configure Variable dialog, and selecting another type for the variable.

A configuration problem with a type used by a variable will also result in a validation error on the variable informing that it has an invalid type. This problem is solved either by rectifying the problem with the type or by entering the Configure Variable dialog and selecting a different type for the variable.

The validation error informing that some of the variable's initial/test values are incompatible with its type is a bit more subtle, and not quite as self-explanatory as the above. The error occurs if a variable has some initial/test values assigned to attributes and the variable's type is then changed such that one or more of the values can no longer be assigned to the attribute(s). This will happen if the attribute has simply been deleted from the type, but also in cases where the attribute type was changed so that the old assignment value is now incompatible. For instance, if an initial value was assigned to an attribute with the attribute type Short Text, but the variable's type is then changed so that the attribute now has the attribute type "Boolean", the old value can no longer be assigned to it. To fix the problem, simply open the Configure Variable dialog. In the dialog, the now non-assigned values will be shown such that they can be copied to other attributes if desired. To clear the non-assigned values, and thus resolve the validation error, simply exit the Configure Variable dialog by clicking OK. A prompt will appear, informing that the values will be discarded. After clicking OK in the prompt, the validation error will be resolved.