Multiple Files Storage Environment

Storage environments have been deprecated, to store data in files see Write File

The Multiple Files Storage Environment is a Storage Environment that stores attributes of the extracted objects in multiple files.


The Multiple Files Storage Environment can be configured using the following properties:

Root Folder:
The the location in the local file system relative to which the files will be placed.
File Name Attribute:
The name of the attribute in the output object which contains the file name.
File Content Attribute:
The name of the attribute in the output object which contains the contents of the file.
File Encoding:
The file encoding of the generated file. Not relevant for binary files.


Say you want to save images from a web site in files using a robot. You could do this by first creating an output object that has the following attributes: fileName (of type Short Text) and content (of type Image). In your robot you extract the images (using a Load Data action) into the content attribute and place a relative file name in the fileName attribute, e.g. images/myImage.gif (this name can almost always be constructed from the value of the src attribute of the <img>-tag in the HTML). When you configure the Multiple Files Storage Environment you set the Root Folder to some folder in your file system on the machine where RoboServer is running, e.g. C:\download. You set the value of File Name Attribute to fileName and the value of File Content Attribute to content. If you run your robot and the fileName attribute of the object it returns contains the value images/myImage.gif the image will be saved in the file: C:\download\images\myImage.gif