Robot Libraries

A robot library is a collection of Kapow Katalyst robots and types. When RoboServer receives a request to execute a robot it will search a robot library for the robot and associated types.

Robot LibraryDescription
Default Robot Library

RoboServer uses its current project robot library for looking up robots and types.

This is very convenient during development as every time a fix is made to a robot, the change is immediately available.

Robot Library File at URL

RoboServer loads the library from the URL once and then caches the library for a period of time. The cache timeout can be controlled by the cache-timeout attribute in the deployment descriptor. See description of properties below.

Robot Library Embedded in Request

This option embeds the robot library in all requests sent to RoboServer. RoboServer will then use this library to extract the robot and types needed to fulfill the request.

Robot Library Folder at URL

Instructs RoboServer to look up Robots relative to a specified URL.

See description of properties below.


The libraries are configured using the following properties:

Robot Library File at URL

Location of the packaged robot library.
Allow Caching:
Enable this option to allow RoboServer to cache the robot library. If RoboServer is not allowed to cache the content of the URL, it retrieves the contents of the URL each time it receives a request.
This is very useful if you have a big robot library as it reduces the time it takes to start the robot.
Cache Timeout:
The number of seconds RoboServer is allowed to cache the robot library. If the Allow Caching property is not enabled, this setting has no effect.

Robot Library Folder at URL

The URL to look up robots relative to.