How to Configure Robots

A robot has a number of properties that you can configure by clicking the icon in the Design Studio toolbar, or selecting "Configure Robot" in the File menu of the Design Studio Main Window. This brings up the Robot Configuration Window.

The Robot Configuration Window

In the Basic tab, you can configure default options which apply to all step actions of the robot. A step action can override these global options as needed. You can also enter a comment for the robot. This is useful if you want to document how the robot works, what should be taken into account when editing the robot, etc.

In the Advanced tab, you can specify an optional proxy server to use for all page and data loading done by this particular robot. You will probably only need to use this property rarely. Normally, it is better to specify one or more proxy servers under Design Studio settings. See Proxy Servers for further details on this. The proxy server specified for a particular robot will override proxy servers specified any other way. Furthermore the proxy server can be changed during robot execution with the Change Proxy action.