Creating and Deleting Database Tables

If you want to store your extracted variable values in a database, you should create matching tables in the database. Design Studio can assist you in creating these tables. It does so by examining the types you have created, and generating SQL that is appropriate for creating a new database table. Thus, when storing the value from a variable of some type, tables representing that type must be present in the database.

In the Tools menu, select Create Database Table () to open a window where you can choose the name of your database, the type of database, and the type(s) that you want to create the table(s) for. By clicking Generate SQL, you will be shown a suggestion for an SQL statement for creating the table(s), which you then have the option to modify as well as execute or save.

The SQL shown is a recommended suggestion — you can change the statement to fit your needs, if required. For example, you might change the column type for a Short Text attribute from "VARCHAR(255)" to "VARCHAR(50)" in order to conserve database space, or you could add an auto-incrementing primary key. However, under normal circumstances, you should not modify the table name or any of the column names, nor remove any of the columns.

Note: If the database table already exists, it will be dropped from the database when executing the SQL (because of the "DROP TABLE" statement at the beginning).