Database Mappings

Robots may need to access databases through various database accessing steps (e.g. "Store In Database"), and in order for them to do so, a reference to a named database must be provided for these steps. The named databases used by a robot must be accessible from the RoboServers in order for the robot to be executed successfully on RoboServers.

While designing robots in Design Studio, however, it is often convenient to use local databases that will not be available from the RoboServers. Rather than having to remember to change the named databases on the various database accessing steps before deploying a robot, Design Studio has an extra layer of abstraction to help overcome this problem; the database mapping. A database mapping maps a named database in a database accessing step of a robot to a Design Studio database. As long as the robot is executed from within Design Studio the named databases of the database accessing steps are mapped to the Design Studio databases specified by the mappings. The user of Design Studio can thus use local databases while designing and testing robots without having to change the referenced named databases of the database accessing steps before deploying the robots.

Using database mappings also makes it easy for the user of Design Studio to make the robot store values in a different database - it is simply a matter of reconfiguring the mapping to make it point to a different database.

Generally, working with database mappings in Design Studio is quite simple, but there are a few things which are nice to know.

A database mapping is a small configuration file defining simply which database to map to as well as whether Design Studio should display various warnings helping the user correctly configure the mapping and the referenced database. The name of the mapping is the file name of the configuration file. This means that if you create a mapping with the file name "objectdb", the database that the mapping points to will be accessible under the name "objectdb" in robots.

You can create a database mapping in several ways: