Database Warnings

Database warnings help you configure the database mappings, the robots and the referenced databases correctly. The warning system automatically monitors for potential problems such as type validation issues, missing tables, or missing database mappings and if an issue arises, a warning message is displayed in a status bar (see figure below).

Invalid Type in the Type Editor

Also, the warning system will monitor which databases names are used in robots and assist in creating any missing mappings. The system also perform a shallow monitoring of the databases which means that it does not constantly ping the databases to see if they are online, but rather updates the information when it needs it. This means that the system caches the table structures of the relevant database tables and uses this cache to compute any warnings in order to prevent an excessive number of database queries. The cache will be re-created when Design Studio knows something has happened that requires it. Any external modifications of the database tables or the database availability are not monitored. There is, however, the option of re-building the database cache for a single database or for all databases. This option is available through the database view, and through some warnings when relevant. For instance, to re-create the cache for a database, right-click it in the Database View and select "Refresh".