Extracting As HTML

The Extract As HTML step is used to extract part of a spreadsheet document as HTML source code that is then stored in a structured text variable, e.g. of type HTML. The extracted code contains the extracted range (in a header tag), e.g. Sheet1:A1:H17 which means that the name of the sheet is contained in the code. The cells of the found range are placed in a table in the generated code. This step is mainly for obtaining an HTML version of a part of a spreadsheet e.g. so that this may be returned for the robot and presented in a browser, but it is also possible to use the step in a robot create an HTML page with the extracted code using a Create Page step. It is not recommended that the Extract As HTML step is used to convert a spreadsheet into an HTML page to access its content in that way, because this might result in poor performance of the robot.

The Action Tab of the Extract As HTML Step

The Include Headers option specifies whether the column and row headers should be included in the extracted table or not. The image below show the extracted HTML when the Include Headers option has been set to true. The found range was 'My Sheet'!B1:E10 which resulted in the cells from B1 to E10 being extracted to the table, but also that the table contains column headers B to E and row headers 1 to 10.

Example of extracted HTML