Extracting Values from Cells

The Extract Cell step is used to extract the content of a cell or a range of cells into a variable.

The Action Tab of the Extract Cell Step

If the found range is a single cell then the value of this cell is extracted. If the found range contains more than one cell then the values of the cells are extracted as a text in which the cells are tab separated and rows are separated by newlines. In both cases the extracted value stored in the variable is created by applying the converters to the extracted value.

The value extracted from a cell is essentially the content of the cell in Excel taking the value of the Extract This option into account. For a blank cell the value is the empty string and if a cell is part of a merged cell e.g. C4:D6 (created in Excel by merging cells) the extracted value is blank unless the cell is the top left cell C4 of the merged cells.