Pages where First Page Links to All Other Pages

There are two common ways of linking pages together. The first one is shown below.

First Page Links to All Other Pages

Here, the first page contains direct links to all other pages. That is, you can get to any page directly from the first page by following the corresponding link. The first page sometimes also contains a link to itself.

Such pages can be looped through quite easily using a For Each Tag step, as shown in this excerpt from a robot:

Here, we are looping through the result pages from a search request, symbolized by the step named "(Submit Form)". The first result page can be processed directly, so there is a connection from the form submission step directly to the step that processes a page, symbolized by the step named "(Process Page)". The remaining pages are looped through by the For Each Tag action in the second branch from the form submission step. First, the Test Tag step checks that there is in fact more than one page. If so, we simply loop through the tags containing the links to the pages, load each page using a Click action, and then continue to the processing of the page. If the first page has a link to itself, the For Each Tag action should be configured to skip this first link, so that the first page isn't processed twice.