Step Actions that Work on JSON

There is a number of step actions that only work on JSON, that is, the data presented in the current window must be JSON (and not JSON in the old legacy format where JSON has been translated into XML). These step actions may be found in the step action category called JSON in the Step Action Selector on the Action tab of the Step View. But the easiest way to select these is to use the context menu (right click menu) in the Windows View when the current window contains JSON. The image below shows an example of this:

The Context Menu on a JSON Text in the Windows View

There are two step action that extract from a JSON value:

There are two step action that loops over a JSON text:

Both of these step actions will for each iteration set a part of the JSON value in question as named JSON (similar to a named tag). When iteration over a variable this cannot be global, since changing the value of a variable during the iteration may change the value iterated over in such a way that iteration may fail, e.g. if an item is removed from the list iterated over.

There are four step action that modifies JSON (only if the JSON is in a variable):

Finally, there are two more step action that work on JSON: