Location and Location Code

When an error is handled, it is possible to report it back to the caller of the robot, or to have it logged. In both cases, a message is included that briefly describes the error, together with a location and location code for the step that encountered the error.

The location of the step that encountered the error is the list of steps (including iteration numbers) one needs to execute in order to reach that step from the first step. Consider the robot below:

If step C reports an error on the second iteration of step B, then the location is written as: "step A - step B[2] - step C". Note that the location contains the step names and iteration numbers, separated by hyphens. Branch points are omitted.

The location code is similar to the location, but the name of each step is replaced by a unique identifier for that step, thereby avoiding name clashes. For the location example above, the location code may be: "{a-i1-a}". You can use the location code in Design Studio to go directly to the step that reported the error (using "Go To Location" in the "Edit" menu).

You should be aware that the iteration number in the location and location code is 0 indexed, so the first iteration will be "{a-i0-a}