The Menu Bar

The menu bar is located at the very top of the Design Studio window

Example of the Design Studio Menu Bar

The available menus and the items in these depends on which kind of file is open in the Editor View. The following menus will, however, always be available even if no file has been opened (some items may be disabled):

As soon as you open a file, e.g. a robot, the edit menu will be added to the available menus:

If you open a type or a robot file then one more menu will become available:

Finally, if you have opened a robot file, three more menus may be available for you:

Many of the menu items have keyboard shortcuts that lets you perform the same action using the keyboard, e.g. Ctrl-D for switching between Design and Debug mode in the Robot Editor. The keyboard shortcuts will be shown to the right of the name of the items in the menus.