How to Determine the Type of a Page

When loading a page e.g. by clicking on a link in an HTML page you cannot be sure that the page that gets loaded is another HTML page. The loaded page could be an XML page, an Excel page or a page of some content type that Design Studio does not support. So how do you in a robot test what the page type of a loaded page is such that you can add branches to handle each page type separately? You do this using the Test Page Type step.

The Test Page Type step tests the type of the page in the current window and there are currently four page types: HTML, XML, Excel and Binary. The figure below shows a piece of a robot that tests for the four different page types. This consists of a Try step followed by four branches where each branch starts with a Test Page Type step configured to test for a each their page type. The names of the Test Page Type steps have been change to indicate what their page type is.

Steps That Test the Page Type