The Windows View

The Windows View is located below the Robot View in the Robot Editor. In the Windows View, you view part of the current robot state — that is, the part of the robot state that has to do with the loaded pages. The state that is shown is the input state to the current step.

In the Windows View, you see the Page Views of the windows in the current robot state. When loading from a URL, several windows may be opened, each containing a page. The current window is marked with an arrow. For each window, the Page View is split into several sub views depending on the type of the page, e.g. if the loaded page is an HTML page the Page View has sub views that reflects this. There are five types of pages: HTML, XML, JSON, Excel and Binary. HTML and Binary use the same view and the other page types use their own specialized Page View. The following sections describes these Page Views.

If you want to see the Cookies View of the state of the current step you can open the Cookies Dialog from the View menu. Cookies are added to this list as the robot loads web pages that use cookies.

Similarly, you can open the Authentications Dialog from the View menu to see the authentications of the current state.