The Robot Editor

The Robot Editor is, as the name suggests, the editor you use when editing robots. When you open a robot it will be opened in a new Robot Editor that will be placed in a new tab on the Editors View. The Robot Editor has two modes: design and debug and the editor will always open in design mode. You select which mode the editor should be in by clicking one of the two mode buttons placed in the left corner of the Robot Editor. Depending on which mode you select, the view will change and the options available to you will change, e.g. in toolbars and menus.

In each mode there are several subviews that make up the view of the Robot Editor. For the design mode these are: the Robot View where the robot is shown, the Windows View that shows the page before the current step of the robot, the Step View that shows the configuration of the current step, and the Variables View that shows the current values of the variables used by the robot.

In the following section we will describe the views of the design mode. The debug mode will be described separately in a section below.