A snippet is a group of steps that can be reused in several robots. A snippet is maintained in a file separate from the robot. Whenever the contents of a snippet is changed in one robot, it is automatically updated in other robots that uses the same snippet. A snippet is inserted into a robot using the Snippet step, and edited in-line. Snippets contents cannot be edited without being inserted into a robot. Watch the video below or read on to learn more.

A video introduction to the concept of snippets.

The Snippet step inside a robot is in many ways similar to a Group step. However, whereas the steps inside a Group step are part of the robot, the steps inside a Snippet step are maintained in a separate file and can be reused in other robots inside the same project. A robot is incomplete and cannot execute if a snippet that it references is not present in the project.

A groupable selection of steps can easily be converted into a reusable snippet 'Create snippet from selection' icon after selecting the steps to convert. If only a single group step is selected the 'Convert snippet to group' icon will turn that group into a reusable snippet. A snippet can be easily embedded into a robot by clicking the 'Convert snippet to group' icon after selecting a Snippet step.

A snippet can also define a set of variables, that will be included in the set of variables of any robot that uses the snippet.

A snippet can have a description. This is edited in the Snippet Editor and is shown on every occurrence of that snippet in robots.