The Step View

The Step View is located to the right of the Page View. The Step View is separated from the Page View using a divider, which you can drag either left or right to make more room for one of the views.

The Step View for an Action Step

The Step View shows the configuration of the current step. You can view and edit the different properties of the step by clicking one of the tabs: "Basic", "Finders", "Action", and "Error Handling". For some step types, e.g. Try or Group steps, some or all of these properties are not relevant and the corresponding tabs are therefore not shown. The actual view of the Step View will therefore depend on the current step.

In the "Basic" tab, you find the name of the step, as well as the comment attached to it. Steps that have an attached comment are shown with a name in bold in the Robot View. If you rest the mouse pointer on a step, the comment will be displayed as rollover text.

In the "Finders" tab, you can view and configure the list of finders of the step. You normally configure the finders by right-clicking on an element in the Page View. See How to Use the Tag Finders for more information.

If the step is an action step you can in the "Action" tab view and configure the action for the step. For a description of the actions available, see Step Actions and Data Converters below.

In the "Error Handling" tab in the Step Window, you can see how the current step handles errors. See How to Handle Errors for more information.