Step Actions and Data Converters

This section contains general information about the step actions and data converters available in Design Studio. In Design Studio, a short description will be shown together with each action and data converter, and you can get more information about the action or data converter by clicking the "More..." button associated with the description. Moreover, in the Design Studio Help menu, you can find a help entry on every step action and data converter.

Several of the actions, e.g. Extract, include the possibility of running some text content through a list of data converters and then storing the result in some variable.

The Spreadsheet View

As mentioned earlier, a data converter processes some text, e.g. the Extract Number data converter accepts an input text containing a number in some format and outputs a text containing the same number in a standardized format. Because a data converter takes a text as input and outputs another text, data converters can be chained so that the output of one data converter becomes the input to the next data converter. The final output is the text outputted by the last data converter in the list of data converters. For example, if the list of data converters consists of a Convert to Upper Case data converter followed by a Remove Spaces data converter, and the input text to the list is "R  oboMa ker", then the output text will be "ROBOMAKER".