Design Studio User's Guide

Design Studio is the application for creating robots and types. In Design Studio, you can also debug your robots and create database tables for types that need to be stored in databases.

Design Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) for robot development. This means that Design Studio is all you need for designing robots and types.

Robots are programmed in an easy-to-understand visual programming language with its own syntax (structure) and semantics (meaning). To support you in the construction of robots, Design Studio provides you with powerful programming features including interactive visual programming, full debugging capabilities, an overview of the program state, and easy access to context-sensitive on-line help.

Design Studio also lets you create the types that are used by robot variables for data extraction and input. With Design Studio's Type Editor, you are able to design types that are modeled after real-world data. In the most common case, a type is designed to hold the data that a robot extracts from a data source.


The Guide is structured as follows: First, you are introduced to the essential concepts of Design Studio. Then you are taken on a tour of the user interface and provided with an overview of the core building blocks of any robot. With the basics firmly in place, we get to the tutorials that show you how to use Design Studio to create robots that do something useful. The tutorials get gradually more advanced until, finally, you are ready to create robots that perform the tasks that you decide. The tutorials are the meat and bone of this User's Guide and it is important that you master them before proceeding.

The rest of the Guide is divided into various topics ("How To..."). You should skim through them to get an idea of what they cover. Then you can return later when you need more information or help on one of the topics.

Before You Read On

Before you proceed, it is recommended that you read the Getting Started section, which will introduce you to Design Studio and the context it is used in, help you get Kapow Katalyst installed, and take you through a couple of basic tutorials.

Also, before proceeding, make sure that you fulfill the following reader requirements:

Other Resources

Additional information on Design Studio is available in the reference documentation, which is easily accessible from the Help menu in Design Studio.