Modifying a Variable

Currently only XML and JSON variables may be modified. Both of these two types of variable have a range of dedicated step action that may be use to modify them, e.g. the Set Attribute will set the value of an existing attribute or add a new attribute to an XML tag, the Set Property Name step action will change the name of a property on a JSON object, etc. You may of course also modify a variable by using step action that operates directly on the variable, e.g. Assign Variable and in that case the view will reflect these changes as well.

Step actions that modifies XML variables through the current window:

Step actions that modifies JSON variables through the current window:

When a variable of type XML or JSON is shown in the current window then menu option for inserting these step action will be available in the context menu (right click menu) in the window and only those that are relevant for the given type will be shown. Some of these may sometimes be disabled, but that is just indicating that with the current choice in the view the choice is not relevant, e.g. Remove Attribute will not be enabled if the selected tag does not have any attributes.