This tab enables you to make a copy ("Backup" or "Export") of all or parts of the Management Console configuration into a file, and to read back ("Restore" or "Import") information from a file created this way.


You can restore backups created in Kapow Katalyst version 9.2 or later. If you are using a Kapow Katalyst version prior to 9.2, contact Kapow technical support for assistance in migrating your data.

It is important to understand the difference between creating/restoring a "backup" and exporting/importing a "project". A backup contains all of the Management Console configuration including all schedules and all projects in the repository, and can be restored only in its entirety. It may be used to restore the system after data loss, or when upgrading to a later version of Kapow Katalyst. In the latter case, you will create a backup of the old instance of the Management Console and restore it into the new instance (see below for more information on restoring from an instance of the Management Console prior to release 8.1. Also note that prior to release 8.1, "Create Backup" was named "Export"; the term "export" is now used only for "Export Project").

"Export Project" creates a file with information pertaining to a single project. This comprises the schedules, robots, types, and resources within the project. Such a file may be used to copy schedules, robots etc. from one Kapow Katalyst system to another, for example when moving from a test environment into production. It is possible to import into an existing project on the target system; in this case items from the file will be merged into the project, overriding present items when names match. It is also possible to do a selective import that includes only some kinds of items.

Creating a backup or project export file is a multi-step process as follows: When you click the Create Backup or Export Project button, a dialog opens. When exporting a project, you must select the desired project in this dialog. Then click the Create ... button in order to create the desired backup/export file; this may take a while. When the file is ready, a download link appears. You should note that the link is active only while the dialog is open; you cannot copy the link and use it after closing the dialog. The following shows the dialog for "Export Project" with an active link, that is, after the export file has been created.

Export Project Dialog

Restoring from a backup or importing a project is similar: First, click the Restore Backup or Import Project button. In the dialog that appears, locate the backup/project file that you want to restore/import. When importing a project, also select the kinds of items that you want to restore (as shown in the example below). Finally, click the Restore or Import button to actually perform the restore or import.

Import Project Dialog

Note about restoring an export from a Management Console prior to release 8.1: As described above, it is possible to restore from a backup made with an earlier release of the Management Console. Three caveats should be kept in mind: First, the terminology was changed in release 8.1. Previously, the term "export" was used for what is now named "backup". That is, if you want to migrate contents from a Management Console prior to release 8.1, you must use its "Export" function to create an export file. Secondly, this file must be converted to the new backup file format with the aid of the "Upgrade Pre-8.1 Management Console Export" feature in the Tools menu of Design Studio. Thirdly, the new project based permissions introduced in 8.2 means that permissions from previously version can't be upgraded automatically. After you restore an older backup, you will have to assign project permission manually.