Proxy Servers

This section allows you to configure a list of proxy servers that will be used on the RoboServers. If only a single proxy server is defined, that one will be used. If a list of proxy servers is defined, for the first connection a random proxy server is selected. The following connections then use the proxy servers in round-robin order.

The properties of the proxy servers are the same as those described here.

To add a new proxy server, you either select the proxy server category, and click the 'Add Proxy Server' button, or you right-click the proxy server category and click the add button. You can import proxy servers from legacy properties files. This is done by selecting the proxy servers category and clicking the 'Import Proxy Servers From File' button. This will open a window in which you can paste the contents of the file you wish to import. The file must have the format described at the bottom of this section.