Cluster Settings

The cluster settings are settings that are sent to each RoboServer in the cluster. Through the cluster settings one can configure, for instance, which databases are available for robots executing on the RoboServers. The cluster settings dialog is opened by right clicking a cluster and selecting the "Cluster Settings..." menu item or by clicking the button in the "Settings" column.

The cluster settings

When modifying the cluster settings, any changes settings are indicated with a bold font so that one has an overview of the changes made before confirming by clicking the 'OK' button.

In order for the settings to be sent to the RoboServers, they must first be applied. Applying settings is done by settings the cluster into maintenance mode (see the section on cluster modes for more information). If, when confirming a number of settings changes by closing the cluster settings dialog with a click on the 'OK' button, a cluster is already in maintenance mode, the settings are applied right away. If the cluster is not in maintenance mode, the following dialog appears:

Applying cluster settings

In the apply settings dialog, one selects how the cluster should transition into maintenance mode in order to apply settings. When the settings have been applied, the cluster will return to normal mode.

The following sections describe each part of the cluster settings in more detail.