Database Drivers

The Database Drivers section of the settings contains uploaded database JDBC drivers. These drivers are required by the various databases types. As with database types, uploaded database drivers are also sent to Design Studio clients. Note that if you run your Management Console on, for instance, a MySQL database, you need to provide Tomcat with the MySQL driver. This means that MySQL databases will work when used in the Management Console (on the log tab or when testing the connection). However, for the MySQL databases to also work on all RoboServers, it is necessary to upload the MySQL driver here so that it can be sent to the RoboServers (and Design Studio).

HINT: on certain database types, you may need to tweak parameters or settings to be able to store files larger than a certain size. For instance, on MySQL databases, you may have to increase the value of the 'max_allowed_packet' variable which in many installations are set to 1 MB meaning that database drivers larger than 1 MB cannot be stored. Please consult the documentation for your database if you encounter problems when uploading drivers. To help identify any problems, you will receive an error message, and the Management Console log will contain further details.

SECURITY NOTE: by default, only the admin user is allowed to upload JDBC drivers IF he is accessing the Management Console from the localhost. If you are running the Management Console in embedded mode, you can change this behavior in the RoboServer Settings application, please refer here for further details. If you are running the Management Console in Tomcat, refer to this section instead.