SMTP Server

This section allows you to configure a mail server that will be used for sending notifications to Kapplet users (if notification is selected when starting the Kapplet), and for sending e-mail log messages if e-mail logging has been enabled in the cluster settings. NOTE: for Kapplet notification e-mails to work, a from address must also be specified under Kapplet results.

The SMTP server is configured using the following properties.




The SMTP server host name


The SMTP server port.


If the SMTP server requires authentication then enter the user name here.


If the SMTP server requires authentication then enter the password here.


  • NONE: Credentials and email are sent in clear text.

  • TLS: TLS encryption is used. This only works if the SMTP server has a trusted certificate (if the server has a self-signed certificate it must be exported and imported into the JVM's truststore using the keytool utility). Uses the STARTTLS SMTP extension.

  • SMTPS: SMTP over SSL. A secure channel of communication is established, over which the Credentials a email is sent. This is rarely supported by SMTP servers , but will work even if the server uses a self-signed certificate.

SMTP server