In this section of the Admin tab, you may configure which projects are available in the Management Console.

Projects are a way to segment robots, types, snippets, resources and schedules. Robots only have access to the type, snippets and resources contained in the project they belong to. Names of robots, types etc. also need only be distinct within a project.

Note that if you delete a project, all of the robots, types, snippets, resources and schedules associated with it will be deleted as well.

By default, the Management Console contains a single project.

When deploying the Management Console on a standalone web container, you can also configure project permissions for users based on their group membership (for instance LDAP groups), see Project Permissions for details.

The project name is used as a foreign key in the log tables. This is needed to determine who has permission to view the log files. This means that when you rename a project, all existing Robot Runs and Robot Messages belonging to this project must be updated to reflect the new name. Otherwise they will not show up when the logs are filtered by project. If the Management Console is connected to the logging database when you rename a project, the Management Console will automatically rename the Robot Run/Message entries in the log database. However if it is not connected, or the connection is lost during this update, the administrator must manually run the following SQL to update the log tables.

    UPDATE ROBOT_RUN SET projectName = '<newName>' where projectName = '<oldName>';
    UPDATE ROBOT_MESSAGE SET projectName = '<newName>' where projectName = '<oldName>';

Where <oldName> is the old project name, and <newName> is the new project name.