Task View

This task view shows the scheduled robots, as well as pre- and post-processing tasks that have been started by the Management Console's Scheduler. Its purpose is to give an overview of the current activity across all servers and robots; if you want to know about the outcome of previous robot runs, you should inspect the Logs.

Because of update delays, short-running robots may never (or almost never) show up in this tab.

The following information is displayed for all currently running robots:




The name of the task that is running.


The name of the schedule that the task runs within.

Project Name

The name of the project that the task belongs to.


The task may be in one of the following states:


The task is queued and waiting for execution. A task may be queued for the following reasons

No Servers

There are currently no servers in the cluster, or all servers are offline. The task will start to execute when a server is added, or an offline server comes online.

No Capacity

All servers are executing at maximum capacity. The task will start to execute when other tasks finish and capacity becomes available, or if additional server are added to the cluster.

Waiting for other task

The task may be waiting for another task to finish. Post processing may not be run until all robots have finished, and robots may not be run before pre processing has finished. Also if robots on a schedule are configured for sequential execution, robots will remain queued, until the previous robot completes.


The task is currently executing.

Last status change

The time of the last status change.


Click this button to stop the task even though it has not finished running.

Run Information