Management Console User Interface

The Management Console has a web-based user interface, which makes it easy to access it from any machine on the same network. If it is installed on the machine named hostname you simply need to point your browser to


The port number 50080 is configurable as described in Configuring the Embedded Management Console.

Navigating the Management Console's user interface is mainly done through the tabs at the top of the window as seen below.

Management Console Main Window

Most subsections of the Management Console displays items of a certain type in a table. When there are many items to display, they are divided into "pages". In the above image, you will notice the setting "Schedules per page", which you can use to select how many items (schedules in this case) to display at the same time. Please note that this number does not adapt automatically to the height of the browser window. Thus empty space below the table does not always mean that you are seeing the last items — it may also mean that the "per page" setting is too low compared to the window height.

At the bottom of the table you can navigate between the individual "pages" of display, thus moving upwards and downwards within the same table. The button will refresh the display.

The tables support sorting. Click any column heading to sort by that column. Click the same column heading again to reverse the sorting order. Sorting is performed on the whole table, not on each "page" individually. Thus if you have more than one "page", you may see a completely different set of rows if you change the sorting order.

The contents of each of the tabs will be explained in the following sections.