Adding a group of robots based on name

You can select to add a single job that will run all robots who's name matches a given criteria. The criteria is evaluated when the schedule is run, so any robots uploaded after the job is created will be included if they match the configured criteria.

Because the criteria is evaluated at runtime, any errors such as missing snippets/types will be logged as errors in the Schedule Run log. The same is true if a robot that uses input variables is run because it matches the criteria.

The wizard for creating a group based on a name criteria, contains a single step.

Create a job that selects robot based on their name.

Use the radio buttons to select the criteria type, or start typing in one of the text fields. The list at the bottom will display the robot(s) matching the selected criteria. As long as you don't edit the Display Name field, it will change depending on your criteria selection, but once you start editing it, the automatic naming is disabled. You may click finish even if no robots match the configured criteria, since you can later upload a robot that will match.

If you have many robots it may take some time to refresh the list of robots matching the selected criteria.

Note: When this job type is added to a schedule configured to run its jobs sequentially, you can't control the order within the group of robots matching the criteria (but they will be execute sequentially).