Beginner Tutorials

This section contains an overview of Kapow Katalyst followed by three tutorials that will guide you through your first project in Kapow Katalyst. Make sure to install and set up Kapow Katalyst correctly before proceeding with these videos. Click the videos, like the one below, to play them. Click the link in the bottom right corner of the page when you are ready to go to the next tutorial video.

On each page you will also find a transcript of the video.

This is the first of four beginner tutorials which will guide you safely through your first project with Kapow Katalyst. In this first video, you will get an overview of the workflow involved when working with Kapow Katalyst along with an introduction to the main program called Design Studio. Before watching these tutorials, make sure you have installed and set up Kapow Katalyst correctly. Please follow the relevant parts of the Installation Guide in the Getting Started section of the documentation at

Kapow Katalyst to put it simply is a platform which enables you to fully automate any process that you would be able to perform in a browser via your mouse and keyboard.

Please sit back and watch as you are taken through the general procedure from idea to automated process.

It all starts with an idea of a process you want to automate. In these Beginner Tutorials we want to automatically extract the most recent stories from a website called News Magazine.

Our first step will be to check out the website. What exactly do we want?

When we feel confident about what we want to achieve, we will open Design Studio, the program used to create the automated processes. The first time you open Design Studio you will get a welcome screen which links to this Beginner Tutorial, along with the rest of the documentation. Click OK and you will be able to see the main window of Design Studio.

On the left side we have the projects view. Right now it contains only the default project which includes a collection of example files and a Tutorials folder where samples of the files we will be creating in these Beginner Tutorials can be found.

Double clicking the file called Post.type in the projects view, opens it in the type editor, which is used to edit and create this kind of file. A type defines what kind of data can be stored in a variable of that type. If you are unfamiliar with types and variables, you can think of a variable as a bucket which can hold objects, like text or images, and the type can be thought of as the mold which produces that type of bucket.

This particular type is designed to contain the information we will be extracting from the News Magazine website. In the very last tutorial we will get into the process of creating a type.

The extraction of stories from News Magazine is performed by an automated process called a robot. Think of a robot as an automation of any process you would perform in a web browser.

Double clicking the file called NewsMagazine.robot, also from the Tutorials folder, opens up the robot editor, which is used to edit and create robot files.

The Robot View at the top of the editor displays the structure of the robot. Each step corresponds to an action performed by the robot. Going through the steps in the Robot View the robot loads News Magazine, navigates to the most recent articles and extracts a title and a preview of each story by using a loop. The robot then finally returns the collected values

Clicking the second step in the Robot View executes the Load Page action and we see that News Magazine loads in the Browser View below. As we will see later, the Browser View makes it really intuitive to build a robot.

The next tutorial will show you how to build this robot yourself.

Once we have automated the process of extraction with the robot, we will upload that robot to the Management Console. The Management Console is a web-based application for managing the operational aspects of Kapow Katalyst. From the robot we can create a Kapplet, which publishes the robot as an app for yourself and others to use.

The final product will be a Kapplet which automatically extracts the most recent stories from News Magazine and returns them for the user to view and download.

You are now ready to start building your first robot. Start the Beginner Tutorials by watching the Robot Beginner’s Tutorial.