Loops in Forms

What follows is a video demo showcasing some of the loop steps which apply to forms, along with a transcript of the video.

Video transcript:

This video will give insight into types of loops which are useful when working with forms. It is a direct continuation of the Looping Basics video, and will extend on the knowledge obtained there.

Many of the loops discussed in this video will have a form similar to the For Each Tag loops from the Looping Basics video but the form loops are all different from the For Each Tag loops in that they don't assign Named Tags for each iteration, instead they perform some other action for each element they work on.

For Each Loops in Forms

There are two For Each Loops and one other loop specifically designed to be used with forms. They are called For Each Radio Button, For Each Option and Loop Field Values.

I will be demonstrating each of the Form Loops on this library search page.

For Each Radio Button does what you would expect; it selects one radio button in a group for each iteration. The easiest way to insert the step is to right click a radio button and select For Each Radio Button in the Loop submenu. Iterating through the loop we see that each radio button is selected sequentially.

The next form specific loop is called For Each Option. It loops through options in a drop down list. Again it is easily selected from the right click menu. Once selected; a window appears asking whether you would like to skip any of the options of the drop down. This is useful for skipping any options that are not appropriate for what you want to do. In this case I will loop through all the options. Each option is now selected when clicking the arrows on the loop step.

The last loop I want to discuss in relation to forms is called Loop Field Values . This is not a For Each loop, which means that it is used slightly differently from the other loops I have described. It can be used on any text input field to loop through listed values that are then inserted into the field. One value for each iteration of the loop. Again we simply right click and select the Loop Field Values option. We can now choose which types of values to loop through. We can either choose one of the predefined options or we can compile our own list of values that we would like the robot to input. Since we are searching a library I will compile my own list consisting of Hemingway, Shakespeare, and Poe. Iterating through the loop we now observe that the stated authors are entered in to the text input field.

That concludes this video on Loops in Forms. To learn more go to help.kapowsoftware.com.